wall hanging

Color Crush No. 4 by Julia Walck

I've been eyeing this wall hanging by Karen Kimmel for a while now. The colors and shapes used are a fantastic combo! I just had to use it on something.

I rounded up the closest colored nail polishes I had and went freestyle on my nails. Starting with a yellow base (obv. because it's my favorite color), I swooped polish over not afraid of going onto my fingers. Lots of remover was used around the edges, but the method made for a super playful nail design! 

Yarning For More by Julia Walck

I spent a couple of hours working on this DIY headboard piece over the weekend. Hung it up and then gave it a haircut. It ended up being 2.25 feet and is the perfect length for the room! 

I have all this excess yarn now. I'm sure I'll find a good use for it, and may or may not cover my walls with it.