April '18 Playlist by Julia Walck

April Playlist | Julia Walck

The April playlist is here! ☔️Ft. new tunes from Little Dragon, Parquet Courts, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, HalfNoise and more. 🎶Have a listen below. 


Here's the highlights:

  • Can't stop listening to "Know the Feeling" by HalfNoise. It's so addictive with its warm, poppy beats. 
  • I stumbled upon this lo-fi house DJ named Ross From Friends on Spotify the other dayObviously I started listening just because of that name. AMAZING. Turns out "Talk to me You'll Understand" is a super chill dancy track that's great for zoning out to. 
  • NPR classifies Superorganism as "Kitchen-Sink Rock". They're an enthusiastically poppy supergroup composed of 8 members, and the frontrunner, Orono, is only 17! "Night Time" is one of my favorite tracks off of their new self titled album.
  • Interpol recently released a few new bonus tracks from El Pintor. Great news because I honestly can't ever get enough of Paul Banks's brooding vocals featured heavily on "The Depths". 

March '18 Playlist by Julia Walck

March '18 Playlist | Julia Walck

The March playlist is here! 🎶Ft. new tunes from Courtney Barnett, Dr. Dog, The Voidz, Lord Huron and more. 🎧 Do your ears a favor and have a listen below 🎧

Here's the highlights:

  • The Voidz are a band formed by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and they've got a new track titled "Leave it In My Dreams". I'd like to leave this song in my dreams so I could listen on repeat while sleeping.
  • Albert Hammond, Jr. (also from The Strokes) is back with new solo tunes! You can definitely hear loads of Strokes-esque guitar moments in "Far Away Truths". 
  • "Nameless, Faceless" by Courtney Barnett is a battlecry of a song directed at small-minded men who are internet trolls and just all around terrible people. The best part of it is, Barnett shows how sad and lonely their lifestyle is with lyrics like "I wish that someone could hug you" and "I'm real sorry 'bout whatever happened to you". Fight that hate with empathy and love! 

Speaking of lyrics, this month's playlist is loaded with good lines, so I thought I'd do something a little bit different by picking a few of my favorites and making them tangible. I cut out some giant letters, made a letterboard and a little marquee of the lyrics that really stuck with me to create a visual representation of the songs. 

Isn't It So Beautifully Bizarre | Julia Walck

King Tuff's "Psycho Star" is a song weighted by the underlying question of reality. My favorite moment in it is: "Chaos and confusion, maybe that is all we really are. The universe is probably an illusion, but isn't it so beautifully bizarre that here we are?" Isn't it?

Isn't It So Beautifully Bizarre | Julia Walck

"Everybody has a light" is such a sweet sentiment in The Dig's track, "Moonlight Baby".

Everybody Has a Light | Julia Walck

A great kick-in-the-ass reminder from Dr. Dog to "Never give up, go out fighting" off of their new track, "Go Out Fighting".

Never Give Up Go Out Fighting | Julia Walck

And finally, a simple but oh-so-complicated note from The Voidz: "Don't overthink it".

Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck
Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck
Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck

I'm sure I'll be illustrating a few more lyrics off of this playlist as the month goes on (because there's too many good ones!). Creating these were so much fun, as was driving around L.A. to snap all of the photos.

Art Gets What It Wants & Art Gets What It Deserves by Julia Walck


These are lyrics from Car Seat Headrest's 2013 song "Times To Die" off of the album Monomania. 

At the time, Will Toledo was 22, signing his deal with Matador Records, excited and scared for what was to come in Car Seat Headrest's career. 

The song starts off with, "all of my friends are getting married, all of my friends are right with God, all of my friends are making money, but art gets what it wants and art gets what it deserves". That's the scary thing with art when you're starting out: you're not secured a job, money, or stability. It's taking risks and chasing a dream because it's what you love. It can be tough seeing your friends having more "adult" lives than you, hitting "life milestones" left and right so easily... meanwhile you're taking the plunge into a new endeavor yourself, hoping to hit a milestone too but not knowing if you will. 

Their latest single released at the end of 2017, "Nervous Young Inhumans", ends with the lyrics, "You'll get what you want and you'll get what you deserve”. It's almost as if Toledo is reflecting back on "Times To Die" when he was just signing with Matador as a nervous, young inhuman questioning himself and his art. But he got what he deserved, and all of his hard work paid off. Man, is that a great milestone to hit.

Take risks, stay creative and never give up on that dream. 

February '18 Playlist by Julia Walck


You guys... not to pat myself on the shoulder too much, but this month's playlist is really good! It's just one minute shy of an hour, starts off mellow, gets dancy in the middle, a bit head-bang-y towards the end, and finishes off with a toe-tap. Have a listen below. 

Here are some highlights from the February playlist: 

  • I'm a little late to the game stumbling upon Michael Nau. His song "Good Thing" is instantly relaxing... just breathe and listen. It'll do you good. 
  • Jack White has released 3 new singles within the past couple of weeks, and "Respect Commander" is my favorite out of them. I love the transitional pacing of the song and all of the weird little noises that accompany it. I snagged tickets to his sold out show at The Santa Barbara Bowl later this year!
  • The Shins recently flipped their latest album "Heartworms" and re-recorded it on the album "The Worm's Heart". It's interesting hearing the songs in a totally different tone than the originals. My favorite song from the re-work is "Heartworms - Flipped". From the get-go, you hear a synthesized version of the "la, la, la, la" intro from the original track, and it only gets poppier from there. 
  • Karen O is back with a new song ft. Michael Kiwanuka for KENZO's Spring/Summer campaign film. "YO! MY SAINT" is a celebration of the muse in creative collaborations, and I'm very happy with how this collab turned out.