Digital Collage Art Using Vintage Photos by Julia Walck

"Space Dance"

"Space Dance"

I kind of go through phases with different styles of art. I get really into something and do a lot of it at once. Currently, it's been digital collages using vintage photos. When I say currently, I really mean within the past 2 days. 

Yesterday, I got inspired by the Space X launch and did a space themed collage (above). Can we just pause for a minute and think about how insane it is that there's a Tesla convertible roadster floating around up there

"Color TV" (collage by me, original tv photo CC mxmstryo on Flickr)

"Color TV" (collage by me, original tv photo CC mxmstryo on Flickr)

Today I've been cooped up inside, and all I want to do is hike through some wildflowers. Hence the screen filled with nature! 

Honestly though, I could look through vintage photos all day. (At flea markets, you can find me digging through old photographs). I love looking back on old times and seeing how style, culture and places have all changed so much. 

Stay tuned for what's bound to be an avalanche of vintage mash-up photos within the coming weeks! 


Click here for prints of "Space Dance"

Click here for prints of "Color TV"