Throwback Thursday | Jaws Poster Design by Julia Walck

Shower thoughts come to me from time to time. This morning, it came to me in the form of a shark attack. 

This week is Shark Week. Yes, a full week devoted to the love, (or what some might call fear), and the study of sharks. Discovery Channel has a live feed filled with videos you can watch here for all your shark-like needs. 

Anyways back to me in the shower. Or actually, just my thoughts. Tattify carries a nail wrap titled "Jaws", which yes is derivative of a specific shark. With it being Shark Week and everything, I really wanted to recreate the iconic Jaws poster design while integrating this nail wrap. 

So I cut up some construction paper, set up a little photo area and tried to match it as close as I could. I think it turned out swimmingly. Do you agree?