Work Hard + Be Nice to People by Julia Walck

Something I firmly believe in. I'm happy to say my hard work has paid off and I landed a graphic design position at Ticketmaster! Leaving Tattify after 3 years is sort of bittersweet, but I'm excited to be moving on into a new chapter of my life. Change is definitely good.

Temporary Bouquets by Julia Walck

I'm a pretty simple girl. I actually prefer a bouquet of balloons rather than a bouquet of flowers (they're way more fun) but temporary flowers are super rad! Vintage florals are my jam. 

Tattify just released two new flower sets today, and I thought a great way to showcase them would be covering myself in the floral temporary tattoos! Right now I'm typing with a garden on my hands, which sounds stranger than it is. 

Also, I'm really into this super girly set of Valentine's Day banners I did for the Tattify homepage. 

Throwback Thursday | Jaws Poster Design by Julia Walck

Shower thoughts come to me from time to time. This morning, it came to me in the form of a shark attack. 

This week is Shark Week. Yes, a full week devoted to the love, (or what some might call fear), and the study of sharks. Discovery Channel has a live feed filled with videos you can watch here for all your shark-like needs. 

Anyways back to me in the shower. Or actually, just my thoughts. Tattify carries a nail wrap titled "Jaws", which yes is derivative of a specific shark. With it being Shark Week and everything, I really wanted to recreate the iconic Jaws poster design while integrating this nail wrap. 

So I cut up some construction paper, set up a little photo area and tried to match it as close as I could. I think it turned out swimmingly. Do you agree?

Bits and Pieces by Julia Walck

Fun fact: Did you know I name and describe all of the tattoos and nail wraps for Tattify? So far, there's over 600 tattoos, and 400 nail wraps. Whoa. Good thing I'm clever, right? (and modest)

These ones are called “An Eye for an Eye” 👀 and are part of a collaboration with nail artist Make My Day. The more you know 🌈