Some Light Reading by Julia Walck

Picked up some inspiration on my way home from work šŸ““

I just discovered Tapas Magazine today actually. That type on the front is what drew me to it. SO GOOD. šŸ™Œ 

When I opened it up, I saw good food and good design and knew it was meant to be. The page I opened it up to you ask? Well it was a beautifully styled hot dog on one side, and a wiener dog in a sweater matching the page opposite. Brilliant. 

Flaunt Magazine is one I've never actually bought either. Maybe it was the fact that it was a summer camp issue and it's hot as balls so I was in an extra summery mood. Or maybe it was the fact that FLAUNT was in all yellow with a cool pixel effect. Regardless, I'm glad I picked it up. So much great styling, photography and inspiration to be found inside. 

BRB gonna go bask in the beauty of this print right now.