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Design Juice Vol. 2 | An Electro Mix For The Creative by Julia Walck

Design Juice Vol. 2 | Julia Walck

Volume 2 of Design Juice is here! An electro-focus-in-the-zone-get-shit-done-kind-of-mix for creatives. It's time to put those headphones on, focus up and make that deadline your bitch.

*Listening may cause out-of-spectrum colors to print* Enjoy!

May '17 Playlist by Julia Walck

It's May! Are you as tired as I am of seeing this photo everywhere the past couple days? Every. Damn. Year. Probably for the rest of our lives. Thanks, J.T. 

Anyways back to new music! 

  • Sylvan Esso's new album, "What Now" released last Friday! My favorite track is hands down, "Just Dancing", and it's also what I do when I listen to the song: dance. They're playing a gig at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, August 25. See you there? Cool.  
  • Suprise new tunes from Phoenix! A new full length is set for release on June 9. 
  • Fujiya & Miyagi have a new EP.
  • "Thinking of a Place" is a powerful return for The War On Drugs. It's an 11 minute dream-like haze of a song and I want to be lost in it forever.

Mother's Day is May 14! *Call your mom this month and tell her you love her.

March '17 Playlist by Julia Walck

Happy March! Apparently, March is National Noodle Month? I just sort of ran with that because I thought noodle type would be super fun... and it is. Time to pack in all that pasta before swimsuit season hits! *You can listen to this playlist with or without noodles.

Here's some highlights from this month's playlist (which you can listen to below):

  • There's a band named Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, and I think they win for best band name ever.
  • Spoon released another single. I'm seeing them next Monday at The Observatory in Santa Ana; that's a week before their new album comes out so I'm crossing my fingers for a sneak peek! 
  • Some new music surprises as of late have been Little Dragon and Sylvan Esso. It's like their new songs appeared out of thin air. 

December '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

Despite the candy cane type, this playlist isn't related to Christmas at all. But it does feature a ton of new indie tunes, which are sort of like presents.

  • Bonobo announced a new album titled "Migration", set to release on January 13. Naturally I checked out their tour dates and there were no LA shows. However, there was one at Red Rocks in Colorado so I guess it's going to be a weekend trip! Stoked. 
  • Stop Me is Chet Faker's first single out under his new (and real) name, Nick Murphy.
  • Childish Gambino came out with a few singles gearing up for a full length and he's exploring such different sounds. Getting a real soulful Leon Bridges vibe from it.
  • Kick Jump Twist by Sylvan Esso will make you want to do just that. Get ready to dance out of your chair.


PS If you are looking for a Christmas playlist, you can check out "Merry Folking Christmas" here. I'll be adding even more indie X-Mas tunes within the coming weeks.