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Cactus / Julia Walck

This past Monday, Jackson and I had the day off of work for MLK Day and we decided to go to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena. Getting out in the sunshine felt nice, plus everything just feels better when it's a 3-day-weekend.

Rose Gardens / Julia Walck

We spent most of our time in the desert garden and rose garden, my two favorite spots at The Huntington!

Portrait / Julia Walck
Cactus Cooler / Julia Walck

In an Instagram poll of "who wore these glasses better" between this cactus and myself, the cactus won. I mean, as it should. Just look how cool it is. 

Rose Gardens / Julia Walck
Cactus / Julia Walck

I shot all of these photos on my Instax, and am going to put them into albums!

Seeing Stars... and Stripes 🇺🇸 by Julia Walck

PS I Made This has a cute little section on their site called Craft Math. I follow them on Instagram, and came across a "math problem" for some Star Spangled Glasses and just had to make them! 

I revised the sunglasses style a little (based on what I had), bought some stars, found some rad letters as an add-on, and voila! My super patriotic pair of glasses were born. Super easy. Plus I made this fun little gif to add to the Fourth of July-ness of it all. I'm 100% ready to sport them all day tomorrow.