Summer is officially here. Which means your phone probably is due for a new background. But no worries, I've got you covered. 

There's 2 designs in 3 color-ways, each as juicy as the last. 


  1. Click to download the Watermelon on Bright Blue (patterned) wallpaper
  2. Click to download the Watermelon on Bright Blue (single) wallpaper
  3. Click to download the Mellow Yellow Melons (patterned) wallpaper
  4. Click to download the Mellow Yellow Melons (single) wallpaper
  5. Click to download the Muted Melons (patterned) wallpaper
  6. Click to download the Muted Melons (single) wallpaper

September '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

Hello September and hello jet lag! A bit late on this post as I just got back from Wales/Manchester late Thursday night. Yesterday consisted of immense amounts of laundry and sleep. Today consists of catching up on creativity and posts! Hooray! 

The September Playlist is overflowing with new music. Here's some of my favorites:

  • Bon Iver has three new songs out. They all bring to mind the collab he did with James Blake and I'm diggin' it. 
  • Jack White unveiled an unreleased White Stripes song, City Lights as an intro to an acoustic album of recordings from 1998-2016. Be still my heart. 
  • Grown Up Calls is a new single by Toro y Moi and is super relevant to me at the moment. Yay for adulting! 

Have a listen to the full playlist below.

August '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

I'm a little late to this August playlist game because I'm still mentally and physically re-cooperating from HARD Summer last weekend. (And still washing glitter and confetti out of my hair - post to come). 

Well, the August playlist is the COMPLETE opposite music style you'd find at HARD. I'd describe it as indie-groove? Here's some highlights:

  • James Petralli of White Denim is in another band called Bop English, and they're awesome. 
  • A ton of bands on this playlist are going to be at Festival No. 6 in Wales, and it's making me SO excited for end of August / early September.
  • Father John Misty has a new song! Stoked to hear it live at FYF.
  • My groove of the summer is definitely Feel Like I Do by Disclosure ft. Al Green.