A Room of 8,000 Blooms | Rebecca Louise Law by Julia Walck

Casa Coastal is an installation by Rebecca Louise Law, on view at Casa Romantica until August 13, 2017. 

It consists of 8,000 water-wise blooms grown locally in Orange County and man was it pretty. The smells, textures and details of the flowers make for a stunning environment.

I actually found out about this exhibit through AAA's Westways Magazine! Sometimes it pays to flip through those pages. 

I'm just gonna leave all these photos here...

After you've had your fill of these dreamy floating florals (which might take a while), have a stroll through the rest of Casa Romantica. 

You'll find beautiful hand-painted tile, cacti, stunning views, and you guessed it: more flowers. 

Saying goodbye to this Spanish style home for now. Who knows, maybe I'll go back to see the progression of the flowers over the coming months...

D.EYE.Y by Julia Walck

This past week, I D.EYE.Y'd some plants / planters. šŸ‘€ šŸŒµ

I saw a post that gave me a great idea to turn a tennis ball into a planter. I play tennis, so that made it easy to acquire a ball, not so easy to cut it though. You REALLY have to take a knife to that bad boy. 

Then I saw a pack of googly eyes, pom poms and sequins at JoAnns and knew I could find a good use for them! 

I almost used all 144 eyes on this.

I almost used all 144 eyes on this.

I have to be super careful not to tip this over.

Reminds me of a backwards thumbtack. 

Garden State by Julia Walck

I made some great finds on Etsy in the past few weeks. 

  1. This vintage mini peacock chair, which is literally the most perfect plant stand EVER. It's from Dust and Diamonds Vintage, and they actually have two more similar little chairs. So get on that while you can. 
  2. A cute hand painted cactus x triangle welcome mat. This is from Nickel Designs. And yes! They have more of these, in different color combos. And many more designs to choose from (even custom!)

Since these photos were taken, the little cactus in the bottom photo now has four pink flowers. FOUR.