The Word(s) Around Town by Julia Walck

Disco | Julia Walck

Yesterday I took some of my vintage signage letters out on the town to take some snaps in the sunshine. 

Hi | Julia Walck
Yeah | Julia Walck

I've collected a little over half of the alphabet so far and I had some fun with the words I could make. (I could've spelled "tide pods" if I had 1 more D!) 

We scoped out some good wall space that fit the words well. Like this red disco heart in West Hollywood and the "disco" letters were a match made in disco heaven. 

Disco | Julia Walck
Peachy | Julia Walck
Nice | Julia Walck

Last but not least, we found a geometric wall that was perfect for "nachos".

Nachos | Julia Walck

It's the Freakin' Weekend... by Julia Walck

...Baby, I'm about to have me some fun šŸ’ƒšŸ¼

In this instance, "fun" is day drinking for a friend's birthday. No complaints here.

So far this weekend I've bought door stoppers that look like cheese wedges, yelled a lot at Rebel Bingo and went on a hunt for a really good floral wall (shown above). 

My jet lag from Wales didn't last too long and I feel like I'm 100% back to normal now! I'm still working on my Festival No. 6 / Manchester post, (it's gonna be a big one!) so in the meantime here are some things:

Found a pair of jeans to suit my personality

Got a pencil with the same mindset as me

Dyed my hair fuchsia; it's faded to lavender  

Bought disco shoes re-incarnated