side by side

Side by Side No. 2 by Julia Walck

Welcome to the second installation of "Side By Side"; where I find artwork/images that were pretty much made for each other, and bring them together for a dash of inspiration. Sort of like a creative double date.

Image Credit 1. Sally Harrison 2. Unknown 3. Nick Frank 4. Molly Bounds 5. David Stewart 6. Nicola Odemann

Side by Side No. 1 by Julia Walck

I decided to start a new series called "Side by Side"; I love making moodboards, and finding things that go well together, so I decided to play matchmaker with some images.

Now just imagine if the artists in these photosets got together in real life and collaborated! A girl can dream.

Image Credit 1. Freya Trice 2. Aso Mohammadi

Image Credit 1. Barbera 2. Benjamin Heath 3+4. David Benjamin Sherry

Image Credit 1. Olivo Barbieri 2. Kasumi Chow 3. Rogério Reis