Antiquing Haul by Julia Walck

Cross stitched Pheasant

Optimistic pins 

Rainbow mug and stir sticks

Went antiquing yesterday and I did good. Like REAL GOOD. 

Not pictured are two yellow smiley face planters (one with a smiley face plate to go underneath), three additional stir sticks, a Jurassic Park pin (for Jack), and a Christmas holly berry glass juice pitcher. Oh and I didn't take a photo of the full TV tray, but you can see a close-up of the pattern below. I got it for $3! They're usually around $10-$15 and I couldn't not get it...right? Even though I already have this exact one... Well matching pairs I guess.

Closeup of TV tray


I've talked about Antique Row before, and how amazing it is... but sadly it's not as great as it used to be. I think a lot of the businesses just couldn't keep up and many places have closed. 

However, Persnickety Antiquity and Pomona Antique Mart are still there and are still great. 

On my way home, I passed by this giant rooster. I'll always pull over for a good sign, so I stopped and snapped a polaroid real quick šŸ“

All Yellow Everything by Julia Walck

I snagged the cutest lil' setup today antiquing in Pomona, and had unintentional outfit / furniture coordination. But I guess that's how you know a find is meant to be. 

There's this great spot called Antique Row with TONS of antique stores. I guess it's been about 2 years since my last trip there. My favorite this time was Pomona Antique Mart, which is actually where I got the chair, table, tray, and little bird planter. It's 3 levels of retro-goodness. I also got a pair of king and queen lo-ball glasses from Persnickity Antiquity. $5 for the pair. WHAT.