Halloween 2016 by Julia Walck

I made two costumes this Halloween because I'm an overachiever; I just love any excuse to dress up. 

At work each floor has a different theme for Halloween. Ours was party animals and it worked out perfectly for me as I was already planning on being a piñata.

I found a dress at Buffalo Exchange for $10, decided on a color palette, and bought a few yards of fabric. Using scissors and fabric glue, I constructed the dress layer by layer. I already had a severed piñata head just lying around the apartment (don't ask), and I used that as a hat by adding a bit of elastic and A LOT of balance.

My costume was a real hit at the work party! 

I went as a rainbow to a mainly gay party in Burbank. No that was not planned, it just sort of happened. 

This giant rainbow is made out of presentation board, tissue paper and tinsel. There's a strap at the top hot-glue-gunned on so I could wear it as a necklace. I wore a black dress underneath to not take away from the color. And rain boots! Because not wearing heels is the best idea ever for a Halloween costume. I topped it all off with a silver tinsel wig to match my clouds and used spirit gum to slap some glitter on my face. 

I wore my rainbow to work on actual Halloween as well, where basically no one else was dressed up because we'd already had our party the week before. But like I said, any excuse to dress up! 

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And lastly, I didn't feel like carving a pumpkin so I confetti-ed one! 

October '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

Recycling this image from last October because one I'm sick and pencils are heavy and two I think it's a pretty rad drawing. 

Oddly enough, I don't have any concerts queued up this month. Maybe that'll give me more time to figure out my costume for Halloween! 

Here's some highlights from the October playlist:

  • I've listened to Jim James's new song "Same Old Lie" probably 20 times. It's a really important song at the moment in this era of gun violence, this shit-show of an election and people actually showing up to vote.
  • Discover Weekly on Spotify has been doing me some favors lately; recently I discovered Rose Windows, Helvetia, and Wooden Shjips through that playlist.
  • Speaking of Spotify, I was browsing my "recommended" section the other day and came across a band called Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. I immediately clicked through to them because, hey who wouldn't click on a name like that?! Psych-rock from Perth is something I needed in my life.

October '15 Playlist by Julia Walck

Hey, October! I almost didn't see you there lurking in the shadows. 

Things are looking pretty swell for my October agenda. 

I'm going to this rad, lady-graphic-designer-get-together next week called Designer VACA. It's at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, and it's basically going to be amazing. Did I mention Jessica Hische is going? BRB actually dying from happiness RN. I'm so excited to be surrounded by like minded, creative thinking people. And to get crazy insane amounts of inspired. SO READY.

Also this month, I'm running a 10k, and seeing a FREE show for My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and Fruit Bats. (What a great lineup!)

Oh yeah and Halloween. That's here too, isn't it? And just like you (probably), I have no idea what I'm going as. 

This month in music: 

The Arcs released their first full length, Kurt Vile's new album "b'lieve i'm goin down..." dropped, and speaking of drops: Fat Freddy's Drop came back on the radar with a brand new single. 

There's a really great variety in the October Playlist; have yourself a listen!