Poppy Fields | Places to Go by Julia Walck

On Sunday, Emily and I drove out to Lancaster to see the poppy fields. We left LA at 6am and man am I glad we did. It was already very crowded when we showed up to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve at 7:30am. 

Oh! I have pink hair again!

We hiked around the poppy fields for a couple of hours and headed out to explore the open roads around us and found more spots to shot. 

It was about 9:40am now. The parking lot at the poppy fields was at capacity and a herd of people were walking up from their cars parked on road below. 

I had a lot of fun playing around with scenic reflections in these mirrors! I found them at Goodwill a few days before our trip out to the poppy fields. 

I Windexed this full length mirror on the side of the road and it was probably my favorite moment from that day. That and the fact that I was hiking around with Windex in my backpack.


Shoutout to Emily Sarpolus for putting up with my early morning adventures!

Radiant Human | Aura Photography by Julia Walck

Radiant Human is a nomadic aura photo space run by Christina Lonsdale. I've been trying for a while now to book a session with her but she sells out so fast! Luckily, I snagged one just in time for her LA tour.

I had my aura photo taken this morning and I'm so in love with how it came out! I honestly didn't know what to expect from the experience... Here's how it played out: 

I went into the booth, and put my hands flat onto a metal electricity reader that measured the electricity going through my body. That's where the colors come from. 

Sitting very still, I posed for my portrait and held it for a fair amount of time. It happened quicker than I thought it would. 

Christina then sat with me and explained a bit on the process while my polaroid developed, then analyzed my portrait. The bottom right quadrant is the side I show most to the world. The bottom left, is what's on the inside and things I typically keep to myself. And above me are my dreams, aspirations and thoughts. 

Most of the qualities were pretty spot on. Creativity, leadership, collaboration, passion and practicality are things I use on a day-to-day basis that I share with others. Things I tend to keep to myself at times are sensitivity, trust, and my intuition (which explains why I have trouble making decisions sometimes). My head is filled with unconventional thoughts, a playful attitude and bursts of creativity. 

My friend Juliet also had her photo taken.

We’re both graphic designers, creative by nature, masters of puns, and have a love of everything vintage. She prefers tea, while I prefer coffee. Black and purple is her jam, but I’m into anything patterned that a rainbow threw up on. We’re very similar and at the same time are very different. Super rad to see how like-minded we really are through our auras.

Christina explained to me that this aura isn't a permanent stamp of what I feel. Because feelings change at different times in our lives based on events from the past, or ones that are currently happening. 

It'd be interesting to go back to Radiant Human after some time and to possibly see a shift in colors. 

She mentioned to me that she was surprised my aura wasn't yellow... I was too. Maybe next time.

Make Every Day Haturday by Julia Walck

I just wrapped up a project I've been working on for most of the month: I wore a different hat every day for 27 days straight and NO ONE NOTICED!

Yes I own 27 hats. 28 if you count my hattoo. (I don't have a problem!!!) I also have a hashtag for myself on Instagram you can take a peek at

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Here's an individual breakdown day by day.
*Note: If you're on a phone you've got a bit of scrolling to do!

It's a bit relieving to not take a photo every day anymore, but I did like watching the progression over the span of a month. Coming up with a completely new outfit each day and not repeating anything except for my smile was a fun challenge.

All in all, I guess if I got anything out of this project it's 27 new profile photos.

Finds From the Flea by Julia Walck

Sundays may be my favorite day of the week. Why? Because Flea Markets. Here are some beauts that I got today. 

  • A vintage 60s/70s stand up tray. It's floral pattern goes so well with one I already have!
  • A couple of air plants with flowers growing out of them. So pretty.
  • An old horseshoe that I plan on wrapping up and color-blocking with yarn. DIY, yay!
  • Some Kodachrome, Tin Type and Polaroid photos from the 50s through 70s with some pretty sweet portraiture.