March '18 Playlist by Julia Walck

March '18 Playlist | Julia Walck

The March playlist is here! 🎶Ft. new tunes from Courtney Barnett, Dr. Dog, The Voidz, Lord Huron and more. 🎧 Do your ears a favor and have a listen below 🎧

Here's the highlights:

  • The Voidz are a band formed by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and they've got a new track titled "Leave it In My Dreams". I'd like to leave this song in my dreams so I could listen on repeat while sleeping.
  • Albert Hammond, Jr. (also from The Strokes) is back with new solo tunes! You can definitely hear loads of Strokes-esque guitar moments in "Far Away Truths". 
  • "Nameless, Faceless" by Courtney Barnett is a battlecry of a song directed at small-minded men who are internet trolls and just all around terrible people. The best part of it is, Barnett shows how sad and lonely their lifestyle is with lyrics like "I wish that someone could hug you" and "I'm real sorry 'bout whatever happened to you". Fight that hate with empathy and love! 

Speaking of lyrics, this month's playlist is loaded with good lines, so I thought I'd do something a little bit different by picking a few of my favorites and making them tangible. I cut out some giant letters, made a letterboard and a little marquee of the lyrics that really stuck with me to create a visual representation of the songs. 

Isn't It So Beautifully Bizarre | Julia Walck

King Tuff's "Psycho Star" is a song weighted by the underlying question of reality. My favorite moment in it is: "Chaos and confusion, maybe that is all we really are. The universe is probably an illusion, but isn't it so beautifully bizarre that here we are?" Isn't it?

Isn't It So Beautifully Bizarre | Julia Walck

"Everybody has a light" is such a sweet sentiment in The Dig's track, "Moonlight Baby".

Everybody Has a Light | Julia Walck

A great kick-in-the-ass reminder from Dr. Dog to "Never give up, go out fighting" off of their new track, "Go Out Fighting".

Never Give Up Go Out Fighting | Julia Walck

And finally, a simple but oh-so-complicated note from The Voidz: "Don't overthink it".

Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck
Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck
Don't Overthink It | Julia Walck

I'm sure I'll be illustrating a few more lyrics off of this playlist as the month goes on (because there's too many good ones!). Creating these were so much fun, as was driving around L.A. to snap all of the photos.

The Word(s) Around Town by Julia Walck

Disco | Julia Walck

Yesterday I took some of my vintage signage letters out on the town to take some snaps in the sunshine. 

Hi | Julia Walck
Yeah | Julia Walck

I've collected a little over half of the alphabet so far and I had some fun with the words I could make. (I could've spelled "tide pods" if I had 1 more D!) 

We scoped out some good wall space that fit the words well. Like this red disco heart in West Hollywood and the "disco" letters were a match made in disco heaven. 

Disco | Julia Walck
Peachy | Julia Walck
Nice | Julia Walck

Last but not least, we found a geometric wall that was perfect for "nachos".

Nachos | Julia Walck

Poppy Fields | Places to Go by Julia Walck

On Sunday, Emily and I drove out to Lancaster to see the poppy fields. We left LA at 6am and man am I glad we did. It was already very crowded when we showed up to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve at 7:30am. 

Oh! I have pink hair again!

We hiked around the poppy fields for a couple of hours and headed out to explore the open roads around us and found more spots to shot. 

It was about 9:40am now. The parking lot at the poppy fields was at capacity and a herd of people were walking up from their cars parked on road below. 

I had a lot of fun playing around with scenic reflections in these mirrors! I found them at Goodwill a few days before our trip out to the poppy fields. 

I Windexed this full length mirror on the side of the road and it was probably my favorite moment from that day. That and the fact that I was hiking around with Windex in my backpack.


Shoutout to Emily Sarpolus for putting up with my early morning adventures!

Tongue in Cheek | A Photo Series by Julia Walck

Things got cheeky this weekend with a little photo series I shot titled "Tongue in Cheek" ðŸ‘…

Using various confetti and craft items from around the house I styled and shot them on Emily's tongue. (You might call me a confetti connoisseur). 

It got real weird but really fun. Here's some of my favorite shots. 

*no confetti or googley eyes were swallowed during this photoshoot.

Shoutout to Emily Sarpolus for her help on this. 

Temporary Bouquets by Julia Walck

I'm a pretty simple girl. I actually prefer a bouquet of balloons rather than a bouquet of flowers (they're way more fun) but temporary flowers are super rad! Vintage florals are my jam. 

Tattify just released two new flower sets today, and I thought a great way to showcase them would be covering myself in the floral temporary tattoos! Right now I'm typing with a garden on my hands, which sounds stranger than it is. 

Also, I'm really into this super girly set of Valentine's Day banners I did for the Tattify homepage.