OC Fair by Julia Walck

Last night, Jackson and I went to the OC Fair. Just in the nick of time actually because it already ends next weekend! 

We drank beer, played games, won a donut, tried fried coffee (yes that exists; apparently they can fry anything), and took our annual OC Fair photobooth photo. šŸŠ

Oh and he also made me go on the ferris wheel. Which I'm terrified of by the way. Something about being up so high, in a swinging box, 130 feet in the air, on a ride that can be folded up and transported somewhere else just doesn't sit right with me.

Oddly enough, I'm fine with those swinging rides that pick you up in the air and go round and round in circles. I guess I'd be more comfortable flying to my death than plummeting is all. 

2010 (left) - 2015 (right)