nail art

Bobby Pin Polka Dot Nails DIY by Julia Walck

Last week, I painted my nails in a cute floral pattern using a bobby pin and nail polish. I got so many compliments and people asking how I did it so I thought, why not do a DIY?!

Here's a super simple polka dot nail tutorial; skip the salon for those fancy "extra design" charges and do it yourself for free! 


  • 2 contrasting colors of nail polish.
  • topcoat
  • a pulled apart bobby pin


  • Paint your nails with the base color (double up on this!)
  • Let your nails dry.
  • Dip the bobby pin into your second color. It doesn't matter what side of the bobby pin you use.
  • Press down gently on your nails making a polka dot pattern. Use more polish for bigger dots and less polish for tiny dots.
  • Sit back and wait for the dots to dry. You might want to give yourself a few extra minutes on this to prevent smudging. 
  • Apply topcoat.
  • Voila! Now you have super fun patterned nails. High five! (but make sure your polish is dry first)

Color Crush No. 4 by Julia Walck

I've been eyeing this wall hanging by Karen Kimmel for a while now. The colors and shapes used are a fantastic combo! I just had to use it on something.

I rounded up the closest colored nail polishes I had and went freestyle on my nails. Starting with a yellow base (obv. because it's my favorite color), I swooped polish over not afraid of going onto my fingers. Lots of remover was used around the edges, but the method made for a super playful nail design! 

Palm Springs Bound | Designer VACA by Julia Walck

I'm BEYOND ready for Designer VACA right now! Espresso shots down, did some last minute packing and about to head out to Palm Springs! ☀️🌴 👓 Not super excited for that 102 degree weather, but super excited for everyone I get to meet and share this experience with. 

I'm comin' for you, Ace Hotel! 

Bits and Pieces by Julia Walck

Fun fact: Did you know I name and describe all of the tattoos and nail wraps for Tattify? So far, there's over 600 tattoos, and 400 nail wraps. Whoa. Good thing I'm clever, right? (and modest)

These ones are called “An Eye for an Eye” 👀 and are part of a collaboration with nail artist Make My Day. The more you know 🌈