U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! by Julia Walck

This Fourth of July was one of the most patriotic ones I've had yet. 

I started early, on July 3, and saw "The Goonies" at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery as part of the Cinespia showings. (You should totally go to these and can learn more about them here.) You could have your photo taken in a cave, drink wine and have dinner, and there was even a fireworks show afterwards. 

I had all of Friday off from work. Which literally never happens. So I made an icebox cake! Possibly the most red white and blue cake I'll make in my life... though I might see that as a challenge for next year. 

The recipe was from this awesome cookbook called Mad Hungry Cravings and was super easy to make! PS it was delicious.

Actual July 4th consisted of drinking, family time and a TON of fireworks. Obviously. 

Throwback Thursday | Jaws Poster Design by Julia Walck

Shower thoughts come to me from time to time. This morning, it came to me in the form of a shark attack. 

This week is Shark Week. Yes, a full week devoted to the love, (or what some might call fear), and the study of sharks. Discovery Channel has a live feed filled with videos you can watch here for all your shark-like needs. 

Anyways back to me in the shower. Or actually, just my thoughts. Tattify carries a nail wrap titled "Jaws", which yes is derivative of a specific shark. With it being Shark Week and everything, I really wanted to recreate the iconic Jaws poster design while integrating this nail wrap. 

So I cut up some construction paper, set up a little photo area and tried to match it as close as I could. I think it turned out swimmingly. Do you agree?