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Design Juice Vol. 1 | An Electro Mix For The Creative by Julia Walck

Design Juice Vol. 1 | Julia Walck

Design Juice is an electro-focus-in-the-zone-get-shit-done-kind-of-mix for creatives. It's time to put those headphones on, focus up and make that deadline your bitch.

I’m usually a strictly indie/alternative kind of girl, but when I get in the zone designing sometimes I need something that’ll get me moving. Design Juice seems to do the trick. 

*Listening may cause rainbows to shoot from your eyes* Enjoy!

July '17 Playlist by Julia Walck

Today marks 2 years of my monthly playlists! Here's one for hot summer days and warm summer nights.  

Here's some highlights from the July playlist:

  • Bonobo has more new music!? And they announced another Los Angeles show in September. I don't know if I can justify seeing him 4 times in 1 year though... haha.
  • I'm ready to dance my ass off to Motor City Drum Ensemble at Panorama later this month. I'm all about percussion-heavy dance music, but we'll see how well I hold up in New York summer humidity. 
  • Phoenix's new album is out! Let me just say, ti amo, Ti Amo. 
  • Cage the Elephant covered "Whole Wide World" by Wreckless Eric. This song always reminds me of this scene from Stranger Than Fiction (one of my favorite movies). 

Have a happy 4th of July!