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Halloween 2016 by Julia Walck

I made two costumes this Halloween because I'm an overachiever; I just love any excuse to dress up. 

At work each floor has a different theme for Halloween. Ours was party animals and it worked out perfectly for me as I was already planning on being a piñata.

I found a dress at Buffalo Exchange for $10, decided on a color palette, and bought a few yards of fabric. Using scissors and fabric glue, I constructed the dress layer by layer. I already had a severed piñata head just lying around the apartment (don't ask), and I used that as a hat by adding a bit of elastic and A LOT of balance.

My costume was a real hit at the work party! 

I went as a rainbow to a mainly gay party in Burbank. No that was not planned, it just sort of happened. 

This giant rainbow is made out of presentation board, tissue paper and tinsel. There's a strap at the top hot-glue-gunned on so I could wear it as a necklace. I wore a black dress underneath to not take away from the color. And rain boots! Because not wearing heels is the best idea ever for a Halloween costume. I topped it all off with a silver tinsel wig to match my clouds and used spirit gum to slap some glitter on my face. 

I wore my rainbow to work on actual Halloween as well, where basically no one else was dressed up because we'd already had our party the week before. But like I said, any excuse to dress up! 

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And lastly, I didn't feel like carving a pumpkin so I confetti-ed one! 

I came, I saw, I Conchord by Julia Walck

There's this fan mail contest through Ace Hotel to see Flight of the Conchords on July 20. The winners get a one night stay at the Ace in NY, and two tickets to the show. 

Back in high school, FOTC was MY JAM. I used to have their songs on my MySpace page...
I immediately sent the contest to my friend, Kelly, as we shared a mutual love for the ridiculousness that is Flight of the Conchords, and of course she agreed to create something with me for the contest. 

Kelly and I were re-watching old music videos and came across Sugalumps; it was then that we knew we needed to base our entry entirely off of balls (AKA the family jewels). 

Yes. That IS a frisbee. And yes. Those ARE sugar cubes. 

Using cut outs of various musicians from Rolling Stone magazine, we mod podged Bret, Jemaine, Murray, Dave and Mel's faces on top. One of my favorites is the Dave, Murray, Bret and Jemaine as members of the Dead Weather (header image on this post).

The top of the box is wrapped in the wallpaper from Bret and Jemaine's apartment, and the sides of the box are all different posters from Murray's office.

We also hid surprises on the inside panels of the box as an added 'special something'. Man. I REALLY wish I could see the person's face as they open this. It's going to be so many levels of "OH. MY. GOD".

The time spent creating this awesome disc (and box it went in) equaled the run time of the full two seasons of FOTC. How do we know that? I mean, it's not like we had it playing in the background or anything... 

Also, crafting this frisbee reminded me I've done some Flight of the Conchords fan art in the past. Here's some pieces I dug up: 

2010, India Ink

2011, Digital

2013, Micron

2013, Digital

Fingers crossed for us you guys! 

UPDATE on my previous update (Aug 13):

I contacted the Ace to see if they could ship our box back if I paid for shipping. Despite the fact I had included tracking on my package, after searching high and low they were unable to find it. Bummer it wasn't found, but appreciative of the help and the notebooks the Ace sent me!

UPDATE (July 18):

You know how I said, "We broke the rules"? Well I was joking, but apparently we ACTUALLY did. In very very very small print, it said, "Boxes or packages larger than standard envelope size will automatically be disqualified". Damn. Figuring out who to write to get that frisbee back stat.