Some Light Reading by Julia Walck

Picked up some inspiration on my way home from work šŸ““

I just discovered Tapas Magazine today actually. That type on the front is what drew me to it. SO GOOD. šŸ™Œ 

When I opened it up, I saw good food and good design and knew it was meant to be. The page I opened it up to you ask? Well it was a beautifully styled hot dog on one side, and a wiener dog in a sweater matching the page opposite. Brilliant. 

Flaunt Magazine is one I've never actually bought either. Maybe it was the fact that it was a summer camp issue and it's hot as balls so I was in an extra summery mood. Or maybe it was the fact that FLAUNT was in all yellow with a cool pixel effect. Regardless, I'm glad I picked it up. So much great styling, photography and inspiration to be found inside. 

BRB gonna go bask in the beauty of this print right now. 

Inspiration Overload by Julia Walck

Since I've basically ran out of space around my desk at home, I thought I'd bring the excess inspiration to my desk at work. 

It consists of old magazine clippings, photos I found at a flea market, and cutouts from the latest Anthropologie catalogue. 

It's great to have so much good color just over my shoulder to glance at, and such an easy way to decorate a space! 

A new form of wallpaper.

All this  color and fun textures inspired me to do this lil' doodle. 

All this color and fun textures inspired me to do this lil' doodle. 

Yeah, I went to Collage by Julia Walck

Part of me feels guilty cutting up magazines to make collages out of... but the other part of me doesn't care, so I do it anyways. 

Unless of course, the magazine is really, really nice. For instance, I wouldn't cut up Human Being Journal. Their designs are too lovely. HB Journal is produced by Need Supply Co. and perfects the right amount of editorial, art, and design. I picked one up at MOCA last weekend; you can snag one from their site here.

Anyways, these three gems hang proudly above my desk. Collages are one of the best DIYs as they're inexpensive and you can let your creativity run wild. They're sort of like clusterfucks of moodboard images all smashed together, but in a nice way.