Poppy Fields | Places to Go by Julia Walck

On Sunday, Emily and I drove out to Lancaster to see the poppy fields. We left LA at 6am and man am I glad we did. It was already very crowded when we showed up to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve at 7:30am. 

Oh! I have pink hair again!

We hiked around the poppy fields for a couple of hours and headed out to explore the open roads around us and found more spots to shot. 

It was about 9:40am now. The parking lot at the poppy fields was at capacity and a herd of people were walking up from their cars parked on road below. 

I had a lot of fun playing around with scenic reflections in these mirrors! I found them at Goodwill a few days before our trip out to the poppy fields. 

I Windexed this full length mirror on the side of the road and it was probably my favorite moment from that day. That and the fact that I was hiking around with Windex in my backpack.


Shoutout to Emily Sarpolus for putting up with my early morning adventures!

Tongue in Cheek | A Photo Series by Julia Walck

Things got cheeky this weekend with a little photo series I shot titled "Tongue in Cheek" šŸ‘…

Using various confetti and craft items from around the house I styled and shot them on Emily's tongue. (You might call me a confetti connoisseur). 

It got real weird but really fun. Here's some of my favorite shots. 

*no confetti or googley eyes were swallowed during this photoshoot.

Shoutout to Emily Sarpolus for her help on this.