light leak

Instax Fails by Julia Walck

Sometimes, my instant photos don't turn out and that can be a major bummer. But I think I've found a way to get around the lack of photo, and turn it into something I still would be proud to hang on the fridge. 

In these instax photos, the thing that ruined the photo is turned into the subject through typography. Take THAT shitty film!

However it sometimes is 'my bad'. I wish you didn't have to re-set the settings every time on an instax. Once you shut it, it automatically switches back to the indoor setting. When I use mine, I'm typically outdoors on a bright sunny day and I get so caught up in the inspiring, photo taking moment I forget to rotate it to the proper setting. Luckily most of the time that isn't the case - but now when it is, I know what to do!