Comparison Will Kill You by Julia Walck

This phrase has been on my mind a lot lately. 

Honestly sometimes I get jealous. I’ll look at someone else’s art and say, “why didn’t I think of that”, and I’ll try to make my work ‘as good' as theirs.

I have to remind myself: it’s not a contest, it’s creativity. Don’t try to meet someone else’s standards, create your own. ✌🏼


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Recently, In Pink | Valentine's Day Edition by Julia Walck

I go through phases with colors. Right now, I'm in a pink phase and it's making for a pretty sweet ombre compilation.

I did this little "I love you like"... illustration above for a Valentine's card this year. One time Jackson told me, "I love you like crazy". Naturally with my competitiveness and wanting to one-up him I responded with, "I love you like insane". It's kind of been 'our thing' ever since. 💓

Shoutout to the man who puts up with me stealing the sheets at night, lets me hang a disco ball in our bathroom and encourages my excessive amount of puns. I love you like crazy.

We're heading out to Odys and Penelope for dinner tonight. I hope you're spending this day/night with someone you love! 

Happy Valentine's Day.