Recently, in Donuts, Drinking and Rainbows... by Julia Walck

This past weekend was really, really solid. I got a lot done, and also had a ton of fun. I guess by definition that's work hard, play hard.

Friday night, I made donuts with my roommate, Denise. I recently bought a book literally just called "Donuts", and it's filled with delicious recipes bound to ruin anyone's diet. But that's what cheat days (or weeks) are for!

As it was our first time making donuts, we chose to make blueberry donuts with an Earl Grey glaze. Start off simple, right? 

It actually turned out to be fairly easy. Once we got the hang of the consistency of the dough, the heat level and amount of time to fry them, we were smooth sailing. 

Not to brag, but they turned out fucking amazing. Definitely going to be making more donuts in the near future.

Saturday it rained pretty heavily and we didn't let it get in our way. 

We tried out Seoul Waffle Pizza in Koreatown for lunch. And yes if you took a hint from their name, they make pizza on waffles instead of crust. It was pretty good, but they didn't have a veggie option which was kind of a bummer this day and age. 

We walked around Koreatown a bit, saw an awesome two tone buliding, (major deja-vu to hair I once had), and stopped off at Beer Belly for some fries and obviously some beer. After a couple of rounds, it was time to hit up that driving range we had passed by on Wilshire earlier in the day. 

Golfing on top of a parking lot in the middle of a city with the Los Angeles skyline in the background is kind of surreal. The three of us shared a lane, an iron, 180 balls and a lot of laughs.

This multi-level driving range is called Aroma and is an awesome hangout spot. Possibly pre-gaming (literally) before hitting up a show at The Wiltern?

Sunday I went to the Rosebowl Flea Market, scored this 70s yellow rainbow chest, then died and went to heaven. I also got around 30 stir sticks for like $5 because the guy "didn't want to lug them home". Laziness can pay off sometimes. 

Finally, I met with a client for a freelance project and relaxed the rest of the day. 
Hopefully I can top this weekend with Coachella this coming weekend, but it might be close.