Recently, in Summer by Julia Walck

Summer nights (and days) are really amazing. The sun might be hot in the daytime, but it's always worth it when you can kick back and relax in the warm summer nights. 

PS: "kick back" reminds me... We heard the song "Can I Kick It?" on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday while we were out.  

Here's what I've been up to this past week:



  • Ate at Border Grill downtown
  • Accidentally showed up 2 hours early at the Bootleg thanks to the wrong set time in an email (8:30 is the same as 10:30, right?)
  • Ubered over to Mohawk Bend for drinks and photo-booth-ing
  • Walked across the street to Bar Bandini to kill some more time
  • Headed to the Bootleg for real this time to see Kyle Craft, which was the BEST $9 show of my life


  • Let's just say Saturday morning was a bit of a struggle, which consisted of watching A LOT of Game of Thrones... with the blinds shut and all of the lights off
  • Late afternoon, we went over to the Annenberg for the KCRW Sound in Focus concert with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Got a Dogtown Dog and some "ice cream of the future" from food trucks
  • Edward Sharpe wasn't super sharp that night and we went home before he even played it


  • Stood in line at Eggslut, and the payoff was delicious
  • Shopped around at Renegade Craft Fair and snagged a sweet ampersand pin from a fellow ampersister, Katie Wilson of The Good Twin
  • Found out that pear sorbet ice cream is a thing and Jeni's makes it

Mid-Month Playlist | Discovery by Julia Walck

This playlist is good for: DISCOvering, Driving, Dreaming, Dancing, and Designing.

I've been getting into disco / deep house more and more lately; I think it sparked once I started listening to KCRW's Metropolis weekly. It airs on Saturday nights, but I play the episodes every Monday morning to get my design on at work.

There have been some great bands I've discovered through Metropolis, and venturing out into related artists on Spotify and Soundcloud

I spent this morning listening to "Discovery", and hand drawing some type to make a cover image (full cover below). I thumbed through some typography books for inspiration and started drawing. Rather quickly, the page of my sketchbook was filled to the brim and I couldn't choose just one! But hey, isn't discovery about exploring different options?

August '15 Playlist by Julia Walck

Well hey there, August! You sure didn't give July a lot of time in the limelight now did you?

I was able to squeeze in a good amount of shows this past month. To name a few, I saw: 

  • Cayucas
  • Real Estate x Hippo Campus
  • TV on the Radio
  • John Mellencamp (odd one out)
  • Baths x OOFJ x Wrestlers

That's at least a show a week. Which is pretty solid. Plus 3 of them were free, and one of them was only $3! LA has some pretty awesome concert deals come summertime. Thursday nights, Santa Monica puts on the Summer Twilight Concert Series on the pier which is really awesome. Red Bull Sound Select  curates shows with usually 3 bands and they have an RSVP for entry which gets you a $3 show. That's $1 per band. Sweet. And KCRW always has great things happening no matter what. Check 'em out. 

This month's playlist is a bit more mellow, and pretty laid back compared to last month. I've been swamped at work and I think I just needed to chill a little bit; which is reflected in what I listen to. So there you have it. 

What I'm Listening To | My Morning Jacket by Julia Walck

Last week, I called in to KCRW to try to win tickets to a My Morning Jacket show, and simultaneously win a signed copy of their most recent album, The Waterfall.

So I got all ready, called once, and won. 

...What? Hell yeah! 

Now to mark on my calendar 90 days 'til I can win tickets again. 

Here's one of my favorites from their new album titled Big Decisions

Sit'n round wondering just what the hell to do with your life
Only get once chance but you seem to always think twice.

What I'm Listening To | Cirrus | Bonobo by Julia Walck

I won tickets from KCRW to see Bonobo at the Glass House a couple weeks back.
If you ever get a chance to go to this venue, do it. The Glass House is so small and intimate, it makes for a great performance atmosphere. This being said, Bonobo was pretty amazing live. 

Szjerdene's voice was smooth and on point, entrancing me in the music. The beats were perfect to dance to, especially since the crowd was so into it. 

At the end for an encore, Andreya Triana came out and sang "Stay the Same". 

Such a great show, and definitely worth the trek to Pomona.