Inspiration is Everywhere by Julia Walck

The other day I was just sitting on my couch and I couldn't stop staring at my monstera plant (that I'm slowly killing but trying my best to revive). Then I thought, "I'm going to paint it". 

I grabbed a 22" x 30" piece of watercolor paper and taped it to the wall and busted my paints out. I don't think I've ever stood up painting like that before but it felt great. 

A few weeks ago something similar happened when rearranging my jewelry. The colors really caught my eye, and I suddenly had the urge to paint them in vivid tones. 

It's so strange the times when inspiration strikes. And from the most simple things surrounding you...

Crafts, Cakes and Cocktails by Julia Walck

Yesterday, I went to a #CincoDIYmayo event thrown by P.S. I Made This at Duff's Cake Mix. I flew solo, because you know that's good to do every now and then. 

I made a cute, typographic "not" necklace and bedazzled a cake server. I also got to fill myself up on cupcakes and had a pretty nice grapefruit margarita, that I made myself at the Patron bar. 

We also each had a juicer engraved, I chose to do "JUICE THERE IT IS". So I'd say it was a pretty successful night.