January '19 Playlist by Julia Walck

January '19 Playlist | Julia Walck

The January playlist is here! Ft. new tunes from Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Raconteurs, Broken Bells, Jeff Tweedy and more. 🎶Have a listen below.

Here's the highlights:

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg released her EP, Take 2, at the end of 2018 and I must’ve listened to it 5 times within the first day. “Bombs Away” is my go-to hit.

  • The Raconteurs are back with new tunes!…

  • …and so are Broken Bells!

  • An album release from Dr. Dog has snuck past me since mid-November. It’s called “Midi Swamp” and sort of sounds like something that would be playing in an 8-bit video game.

January '17 Playlist by Julia Walck

Hello 2017! 

Hopefully your year started with a bang, lots of confetti and a disco ball. I made the perfect laid-back-hangover-playlist for you to kick back with on the first day of a new year!

When I was gathering inspiration for this January drawing, I came across this super rad dress. There's some serious galaxy moon vibes I got from it and thought it'd be the perfect jumping off point for the new year.