Recently, in Things | Letter Boards by Julia Walck

Letter boards are so hot right now. They're great for menus in your kitchen, optimistic quotes on your shelf in the bedroom, forget-me-nots by the door, and just really anything/anywhere in general. Ours is hanging in our bathroom and currently says "Throw kindness around like confetti". 

The one I recently purchased was off of Amazon for $37, and is 12"x18", but if I were to get another one it'd definitely be one in this roundup.

Click through below to shop these letter boards.

10"x10", $60, Shop Bando

10"x10", $60, Shop Bando

12"x18", $100, Shop Bando

12"x18", $100, Shop Bando

16"x20", $125, Three Potato Four

16"x20", $125, Three Potato Four

10"x10", $60, Three Potato Four

10"x10", $60, Three Potato Four

These lil' square letter boards would be SO CUTE for a desk!

10"x10", $50, Letterfolk

10"x10", $50, Letterfolk

I change mine out all the time. Like for Valentine's Day I did an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind quote, and on Friday the 13th I switched it to a Michael Scott quote from The Office. Which I think I've re-watched about 6 times now. It's honestly one of the best shows ever.

Antiquing Haul by Julia Walck

Cross stitched Pheasant

Optimistic pins 

Rainbow mug and stir sticks

Went antiquing yesterday and I did good. Like REAL GOOD. 

Not pictured are two yellow smiley face planters (one with a smiley face plate to go underneath), three additional stir sticks, a Jurassic Park pin (for Jack), and a Christmas holly berry glass juice pitcher. Oh and I didn't take a photo of the full TV tray, but you can see a close-up of the pattern below. I got it for $3! They're usually around $10-$15 and I couldn't not get it...right? Even though I already have this exact one... Well matching pairs I guess.

Closeup of TV tray


I've talked about Antique Row before, and how amazing it is... but sadly it's not as great as it used to be. I think a lot of the businesses just couldn't keep up and many places have closed. 

However, Persnickety Antiquity and Pomona Antique Mart are still there and are still great. 

On my way home, I passed by this giant rooster. I'll always pull over for a good sign, so I stopped and snapped a polaroid real quick 🐓

D.I.Hi by Julia Walck

I saw some piñata-esque letters on the interwebs the other day and thought, "Whoa. I need to make that". 

So I found an old shoebox, broke out my hot glue gun, got some scissors and tissue paper and got to cutting.  

I ended up making a lot of confetti along the way (as if I don't have enough leftover from New Years). 
This whole project cost under $10 to do! Crazy, right? 

This might be my last wall hanging project for a while though, we're running out of wall space...

You Might Wanna Sit Down For This by Julia Walck

Preferably in these chairs. Am I right? 

I found these colorful acrylic Eames style shell chairs over at Mid Century Monger. It's a slippery slope, though; now I feel like I need to upgrade our dining room table, and maybe the coffee table next?

I also made a new pom pom bunting-hanging-thing as well. Let's cram as much color into this apartment as possible, shall we?  

Apartment Sweet Apartment by Julia Walck

Who knew apartment hunting in LA would be such a task?! Well, okay I knew that, I just didn't want to admit it to myself. 

After trekking out in the "stormy" LA weather, battling with other potential tenants and seeing lots of postage-stamp-sized spaces, we found the one!

We moved in last weekend and are still getting everything situated, but it's going extremely well. Just look at this bright 'n cozy living area of ours!

I can't wait to finish making this apartment into our home.