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Cactus / Julia Walck

This past Monday, Jackson and I had the day off of work for MLK Day and we decided to go to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena. Getting out in the sunshine felt nice, plus everything just feels better when it's a 3-day-weekend.

Rose Gardens / Julia Walck

We spent most of our time in the desert garden and rose garden, my two favorite spots at The Huntington!

Portrait / Julia Walck
Cactus Cooler / Julia Walck

In an Instagram poll of "who wore these glasses better" between this cactus and myself, the cactus won. I mean, as it should. Just look how cool it is. 

Rose Gardens / Julia Walck
Cactus / Julia Walck

I shot all of these photos on my Instax, and am going to put them into albums!

Getting Organized With Your Photos by Julia Walck

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck

I'm an avid instant film photographer. I love all of film's little quirks like the unexpected light leaks and cool exposures.

As of last week, all of my polaroids were all piled in a huge coffee cup (pictured above) and weren't exactly easy to "flip" through. I was searching through the stack to find this one specific photo, when I had an epiphany: photo albums!  

I went down the internet hole of searching, and everything I was finding looked terrible! I finally stumbled upon some amazingly cute and practical albums from Urban Outfitters for my Polaroids and Instax photos. I bought practically every color-way they had because I have so many pictures! 

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck

The task of organizing all of my photos was daunting, so I broke it down step by step. Hey, maybe it'll help you get organized, too!

Before we go any further, I just want to say even if you don't shoot film, printing your photos out and putting them in albums just has a different feel then scrolling through them on your phone... and I recommend doing it! It could be a fun weekend project, or a cute lil' Valentine's roundup gift for your love or your bestie!


I chose to catalog my photos chronologically. (Obviously do yours however you want! Random, all flower photos together, alphabetically? It's your album! Mix them up and randomize to your liking.)

I started by making stacks, sorting by by event or general time in which they were taken. Going through my Instagram feed actually gave me lots of great insight about dates photos were taken! 

I stacked them up and wrote timeline notes on top before tackling the task of labeling them. 

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck


On the backside of each photo, I dated and gave context to who was in the photo and where it was taken. That way when myself or someone else down the line wants to flip through these memories, they know all the deets.

For the Instax photos, I stuck washi tape on and then wrote the info on that, and on the Polaroids I wrote straight on the photo.

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck
Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck


I added all of my photos to the albums just as I sorted them: in chronological order. If I had a lot per general timeline, I grouped the best contrasting ones next to one another. 

Make sure to pick your favorites out for the album covers!

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck
Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck
Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck
Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck


Bookshelves are the obvious spot here. Ours was full, but we had some extra space on our bar cart. The albums add even more fun color and pattern to the already stocked shelves. 

And now, the giant coffee cup that had all of my photos in it before is used for beer cozies! 

Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck
Getting Organized With Your Photos, via Julia Walck

Who knows, maybe I'll even leave my favorite album out on the coffee table to show off to friends. 

Instant Confetti by Julia Walck

Desert Stars

Desert Stars

I confetti-ed some Instax photos this weekend. AKA spilled some confetti on a picture and thought, "Huh. That'd be cool together". 

Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air

So I shot them again on digital, and loved them so much I added prints to my Society6. Links to shop the art prints are below. 

Click here to shop "Desert Stars"

Click here to shop "Love Is In the Air"

Recently, in May by Julia Walck

Here's some stuff I did this past month.

Let this VW Bug borrow my hat šŸŒ¼

Found a magical labyrinth in LA

Thrifted 3 bird decanters

Bought myself some flowers

Went to the Arboretum

Saw a lot of peacocks

Spent time looking up

Cleaned off our balcony & tidied pots

Acknowledged I have a problem & don't care

Swooned over James Blake

Line danced at a country bar

Completed 27 days of hats

Accidentally wore the same outfit as Hollywood Blvd.

Instax Fails by Julia Walck

Sometimes, my instant photos don't turn out and that can be a major bummer. But I think I've found a way to get around the lack of photo, and turn it into something I still would be proud to hang on the fridge. 

In these instax photos, the thing that ruined the photo is turned into the subject through typography. Take THAT shitty film!

However it sometimes is 'my bad'. I wish you didn't have to re-set the settings every time on an instax. Once you shut it, it automatically switches back to the indoor setting. When I use mine, I'm typically outdoors on a bright sunny day and I get so caught up in the inspiring, photo taking moment I forget to rotate it to the proper setting. Luckily most of the time that isn't the case - but now when it is, I know what to do!