Art Gets What It Wants & Art Gets What It Deserves by Julia Walck


These are lyrics from Car Seat Headrest's 2013 song "Times To Die" off of the album Monomania. 

At the time, Will Toledo was 22, signing his deal with Matador Records, excited and scared for what was to come in Car Seat Headrest's career. 

The song starts off with, "all of my friends are getting married, all of my friends are right with God, all of my friends are making money, but art gets what it wants and art gets what it deserves". That's the scary thing with art when you're starting out: you're not secured a job, money, or stability. It's taking risks and chasing a dream because it's what you love. It can be tough seeing your friends having more "adult" lives than you, hitting "life milestones" left and right so easily... meanwhile you're taking the plunge into a new endeavor yourself, hoping to hit a milestone too but not knowing if you will. 

Their latest single released at the end of 2017, "Nervous Young Inhumans", ends with the lyrics, "You'll get what you want and you'll get what you deserve”. It's almost as if Toledo is reflecting back on "Times To Die" when he was just signing with Matador as a nervous, young inhuman questioning himself and his art. But he got what he deserved, and all of his hard work paid off. Man, is that a great milestone to hit.

Take risks, stay creative and never give up on that dream. 

Valentine's Day | Free Phone Wallpapers by Julia Walck

Julia Walck | Valentine's Day Freebie Phone Wallpapers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I thought I'd get you a little something, so I made some free phone wallpapers! 


Click to download the Arrow Hearts wallpaper (shown above)

Click to download the Patterned Hearts wallpaper (shown above)

Click to download the Doily Hearts wallpaper (shown above)


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Good Gracious by Julia Walck


"And luck is always better than skill at things, we're flying blind. Oh good gracious, I sound like my mom." This is legit happening to me. Anyone else? ✋🏼(Lyrics to "Tonite" by LCD Soundsystem.)


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