The Word(s) Around Town by Julia Walck

Disco | Julia Walck

Yesterday I took some of my vintage signage letters out on the town to take some snaps in the sunshine. 

Hi | Julia Walck
Yeah | Julia Walck

I've collected a little over half of the alphabet so far and I had some fun with the words I could make. (I could've spelled "tide pods" if I had 1 more D!) 

We scoped out some good wall space that fit the words well. Like this red disco heart in West Hollywood and the "disco" letters were a match made in disco heaven. 

Disco | Julia Walck
Peachy | Julia Walck
Nice | Julia Walck

Last but not least, we found a geometric wall that was perfect for "nachos".

Nachos | Julia Walck

Snail Mail by Julia Walck

So I got a pen pal! Her name is Kimberly and she's from Switzerland. 

It feels super weird writing a letter vs. typing something out on a keyboard, talking over the phone or shooting over a text. It has a lot more emotion to it. 

And receiving actual hand written letters with pieces of someone else's life who I've never met feels immensely intimate and inspiring. Here's a bit of what Kimberly sent me in a couple of letters. On the back of that film photo, she told me that they have traditional fondue in Switzerland, and asked if we did. 

In my response, I said we have fondue but it's not very common. I proceeded to ask if they have string cheese... I'm awaiting an answer. 

I actually confetti bombed her the first time around (and luckily she loved it and continues to write). 

To me, each time seems like a new challenge to package the letter and little trinkets in a different fashion. That stirs up my creativity a bit, and I like that. This past letter, I took some pages out of Flaunt Magazine, cut 'em up and doodled on them. I also found some old overexposed film which I used as my writing paper, and space for some hand drawn type. 

I bundled it all up together with some holographic bird tape I had leftover from my disco ball Halloween costume, and voila! Snail mail perfection.

Not a lot of people write letters anymore. I recommend doing so. It's nice to take a break from the constant wave of technology, sit back and communicate in an old school manner.