hello february

February '18 Playlist by Julia Walck


You guys... not to pat myself on the shoulder too much, but this month's playlist is really good! It's just one minute shy of an hour, starts off mellow, gets dancy in the middle, a bit head-bang-y towards the end, and finishes off with a toe-tap. Have a listen below. 

Here are some highlights from the February playlist: 

  • I'm a little late to the game stumbling upon Michael Nau. His song "Good Thing" is instantly relaxing... just breathe and listen. It'll do you good. 
  • Jack White has released 3 new singles within the past couple of weeks, and "Respect Commander" is my favorite out of them. I love the transitional pacing of the song and all of the weird little noises that accompany it. I snagged tickets to his sold out show at The Santa Barbara Bowl later this year!
  • The Shins recently flipped their latest album "Heartworms" and re-recorded it on the album "The Worm's Heart". It's interesting hearing the songs in a totally different tone than the originals. My favorite song from the re-work is "Heartworms - Flipped". From the get-go, you hear a synthesized version of the "la, la, la, la" intro from the original track, and it only gets poppier from there. 
  • Karen O is back with a new song ft. Michael Kiwanuka for KENZO's Spring/Summer campaign film. "YO! MY SAINT" is a celebration of the muse in creative collaborations, and I'm very happy with how this collab turned out. 

February '17 Playlist by Julia Walck

If the quickness of January is any indication to how this year is going to go, it's gonna fly by. Luckily it looks like lots of great music is swiftly coming our way in 2017. Father John Misty, Elbow, Spoon, The Shins and many more have announced new albums that I cannot wait for. 

Here's some highlights from this month's playlist (which you can listen to below):

  • BNQT is another one of those amazing hybrid collaboration bands that just popped up out of nowhere. It's composed of guys from Band of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, Grandaddy and Midlake. Their sound is all of those groups combined with a dash of Wolfmother/Black Angels infused into it. They only have one song out so far and it's leaving me wanting more.
  • Spoon released their new song, Hot Thoughts, and announced a full album release on March 17!!!!! I got tickets to Panorama festival to see them (among other awesome acts) in July. I'm hoping they do an LA tour soon after. Back in 2015 I saw Spoon twice in the same week; at Sasquatch! Festival and The Wiltern.
    • Sidenote: What is up with the Sasquatch! lineup this year? I mean kudos to Car Seat Headrest and Kyle Craft for showing up on the festival scene... but Twenty One Pilots as a headliner? And only 3 days? Something is clearly not right here.
  • Arcade Fire surprised us all with a single, and some words of wisdom: "It's never been more important that we stick together and take care of each other". The song came out on Obama's final day in office and is a strong message about where we go from here. These are some scary times, but it's so empowering seeing how much love and support comes from them.