Valentine's Day | Free Phone Wallpapers by Julia Walck

Julia Walck | Valentine's Day Freebie Phone Wallpapers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I thought I'd get you a little something, so I made some free phone wallpapers! 


Click to download the Arrow Hearts wallpaper (shown above)

Click to download the Patterned Hearts wallpaper (shown above)

Click to download the Doily Hearts wallpaper (shown above)


Also, feel free to check out these Valentine's Day desktop wallpapers from a couple years back. 

Instant Confetti by Julia Walck

Desert Stars

Desert Stars

I confetti-ed some Instax photos this weekend. AKA spilled some confetti on a picture and thought, "Huh. That'd be cool together". 

Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air

So I shot them again on digital, and loved them so much I added prints to my Society6. Links to shop the art prints are below. 

Click here to shop "Desert Stars"

Click here to shop "Love Is In the Air"

Recently, In Pink | Valentine's Day Edition by Julia Walck

I go through phases with colors. Right now, I'm in a pink phase and it's making for a pretty sweet ombre compilation.

I did this little "I love you like"... illustration above for a Valentine's card this year. One time Jackson told me, "I love you like crazy". Naturally with my competitiveness and wanting to one-up him I responded with, "I love you like insane". It's kind of been 'our thing' ever since. šŸ’“

Shoutout to the man who puts up with me stealing the sheets at night, lets me hang a disco ball in our bathroom and encourages my excessive amount of puns. I love you like crazy.

We're heading out to Odys and Penelope for dinner tonight. I hope you're spending this day/night with someone you love! 

Happy Valentine's Day.