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Good Gracious by Julia Walck


"And luck is always better than skill at things, we're flying blind. Oh good gracious, I sound like my mom." This is legit happening to me. Anyone else? ✋🏼(Lyrics to "Tonite" by LCD Soundsystem.)


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All the Colors by Julia Walck

Lyrics from Beck's song, Colors. 

Lyrics from Beck's song, Colors. 

I've been trying to get back in tune with my regular, colorful self lately. 🌈 Getting used to the new space after the move, and getting into the swing of new routines is tough. Here's hoping I feel normal again soon. For now, I'll have Beck's latest album, Colors, on repeat in hopes that it speeds up the process.

I also just noticed I left out "make the colors" from the lyrics! Maybe subconsciously that's because I've been forgetting to "make" art lately. Whoa.

Recently, in Bursts of Inspiration by Julia Walck


Little bursts of inspiration are what I try to look for every day. Here's some things as of late that inspired me/made me happy.


I filled my shower with balloons just because. It's super fun and I'm leaving it like this forever! (aka until the balloons pop).


I went to a Creative Mornings talk last Friday where Jen Gotch spoke about compassion. My favorite quote of the morning was "Everyone is nuts, creatives are just better at exposing it."


I saw my future in this pink floral car while walking down Hollywood Blvd.