Recently, In Sketches... by Julia Walck

Work lately has involved lots of pen to paper sketching and I'm totally digging it. We're working on something that's a bit hush-hush at the moment, and will hopefully release within the next couple of months. Until then, I'll let you stare at these and wonder what that something is.

I've Gotta Hand it to You by Julia Walck

Lately I've been obsessed with hands for some reason. Don't ask me why, because I really wouldn't be able to tell you. 

Last weekend I went to the Discovery Science Center, and immediately gravitated towards this colored light wall. The colors and shadows inspired me to do a little doodle, almost mirroring the effect of the wall. 

There was also this mirror where I felt like I gave myself never-ending high fives. And that was pretty cool. 

Second Hand Illustrations by Julia Walck

Sometimes there's those projects that just don't quite work out. Color schemes that don't flow, logos that are unsuccessful, puns that make no sense... What I love about those projects is that chances are you'll be able to find a home for that illustration, or idea in some other little side project. That's 100% what happened with these lil' hands below. 

We're working on a new app at work called LAQ, and it's based on nail wraps. I thought since hands have nails, and can make shapes to then make letters it would build a pretty sweet logo.

It turns out that an OK sign with a pointer finger coming through it to look like a Q just doesn't really look like a Q. 

So even though they didn't work out the way I intended them to, I got a cute lil' OK sign and LA illustration out of the project.