(More) Digital Collages by Julia Walck

"That's the Spirit!"

"That's the Spirit!"

I told you this whole collage thing would get out of hand, (in a good way!). Here's a roundup of some collages from the past couple of weeks. 

"The Word on Everyone's Lips"

"The Word on Everyone's Lips"

Fun tidbit, "The Word on Everyone's Lips" is made up of over 105 different lips!

"Social Butterflies"

"Social Butterflies"



"Get a Leg Up"

"Get a Leg Up"


Click here for prints of "That's the Spirit!"

Click here for prints of "The Word on Everyone's Lips"

Click here for prints of "Social Butterflies"

Click here for prints of "Bouquet"

Click here for prints of "Get a Leg Up"

Make Love Not War by Julia Walck


I'm not usually one to get political on here... but I can't even put into words how baffling and saddening the lack of gun regulation in this country is. There have been 18 school shootings in the US so far this year, and it’s only February! Policy and change need to happen. Now IS the time to talk about gun control. ⠀

Click here for prints of "Make Love Not War"

A Room of 8,000 Blooms | Rebecca Louise Law by Julia Walck

Casa Coastal is an installation by Rebecca Louise Law, on view at Casa Romantica until August 13, 2017. 

It consists of 8,000 water-wise blooms grown locally in Orange County and man was it pretty. The smells, textures and details of the flowers make for a stunning environment.

I actually found out about this exhibit through AAA's Westways Magazine! Sometimes it pays to flip through those pages. 

I'm just gonna leave all these photos here...

After you've had your fill of these dreamy floating florals (which might take a while), have a stroll through the rest of Casa Romantica. 

You'll find beautiful hand-painted tile, cacti, stunning views, and you guessed it: more flowers. 

Saying goodbye to this Spanish style home for now. Who knows, maybe I'll go back to see the progression of the flowers over the coming months...

Antiquing Haul by Julia Walck

Cross stitched Pheasant

Optimistic pins 

Rainbow mug and stir sticks

Went antiquing yesterday and I did good. Like REAL GOOD. 

Not pictured are two yellow smiley face planters (one with a smiley face plate to go underneath), three additional stir sticks, a Jurassic Park pin (for Jack), and a Christmas holly berry glass juice pitcher. Oh and I didn't take a photo of the full TV tray, but you can see a close-up of the pattern below. I got it for $3! They're usually around $10-$15 and I couldn't not get it...right? Even though I already have this exact one... Well matching pairs I guess.

Closeup of TV tray


I've talked about Antique Row before, and how amazing it is... but sadly it's not as great as it used to be. I think a lot of the businesses just couldn't keep up and many places have closed. 

However, Persnickety Antiquity and Pomona Antique Mart are still there and are still great. 

On my way home, I passed by this giant rooster. I'll always pull over for a good sign, so I stopped and snapped a polaroid real quick 🐓

It's the Freakin' Weekend... by Julia Walck

...Baby, I'm about to have me some fun 💃🏼

In this instance, "fun" is day drinking for a friend's birthday. No complaints here.

So far this weekend I've bought door stoppers that look like cheese wedges, yelled a lot at Rebel Bingo and went on a hunt for a really good floral wall (shown above). 

My jet lag from Wales didn't last too long and I feel like I'm 100% back to normal now! I'm still working on my Festival No. 6 / Manchester post, (it's gonna be a big one!) so in the meantime here are some things:

Found a pair of jeans to suit my personality

Got a pencil with the same mindset as me

Dyed my hair fuchsia; it's faded to lavender  

Bought disco shoes re-incarnated