Snail Mail by Julia Walck

So I got a pen pal! Her name is Kimberly and she's from Switzerland. 

It feels super weird writing a letter vs. typing something out on a keyboard, talking over the phone or shooting over a text. It has a lot more emotion to it. 

And receiving actual hand written letters with pieces of someone else's life who I've never met feels immensely intimate and inspiring. Here's a bit of what Kimberly sent me in a couple of letters. On the back of that film photo, she told me that they have traditional fondue in Switzerland, and asked if we did. 

In my response, I said we have fondue but it's not very common. I proceeded to ask if they have string cheese... I'm awaiting an answer. 

I actually confetti bombed her the first time around (and luckily she loved it and continues to write). 

To me, each time seems like a new challenge to package the letter and little trinkets in a different fashion. That stirs up my creativity a bit, and I like that. This past letter, I took some pages out of Flaunt Magazine, cut 'em up and doodled on them. I also found some old overexposed film which I used as my writing paper, and space for some hand drawn type. 

I bundled it all up together with some holographic bird tape I had leftover from my disco ball Halloween costume, and voila! Snail mail perfection.

Not a lot of people write letters anymore. I recommend doing so. It's nice to take a break from the constant wave of technology, sit back and communicate in an old school manner. 

Some Light Reading by Julia Walck

Picked up some inspiration on my way home from work šŸ““

I just discovered Tapas Magazine today actually. That type on the front is what drew me to it. SO GOOD. šŸ™Œ 

When I opened it up, I saw good food and good design and knew it was meant to be. The page I opened it up to you ask? Well it was a beautifully styled hot dog on one side, and a wiener dog in a sweater matching the page opposite. Brilliant. 

Flaunt Magazine is one I've never actually bought either. Maybe it was the fact that it was a summer camp issue and it's hot as balls so I was in an extra summery mood. Or maybe it was the fact that FLAUNT was in all yellow with a cool pixel effect. Regardless, I'm glad I picked it up. So much great styling, photography and inspiration to be found inside. 

BRB gonna go bask in the beauty of this print right now.