festival number 6

August '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

I'm a little late to this August playlist game because I'm still mentally and physically re-cooperating from HARD Summer last weekend. (And still washing glitter and confetti out of my hair - post to come). 

Well, the August playlist is the COMPLETE opposite music style you'd find at HARD. I'd describe it as indie-groove? Here's some highlights:

  • James Petralli of White Denim is in another band called Bop English, and they're awesome. 
  • A ton of bands on this playlist are going to be at Festival No. 6 in Wales, and it's making me SO excited for end of August / early September.
  • Father John Misty has a new song! Stoked to hear it live at FYF.
  • My groove of the summer is definitely Feel Like I Do by Disclosure ft. Al Green.