October '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

Recycling this image from last October because one I'm sick and pencils are heavy and two I think it's a pretty rad drawing. 

Oddly enough, I don't have any concerts queued up this month. Maybe that'll give me more time to figure out my costume for Halloween! 

Here's some highlights from the October playlist:

  • I've listened to Jim James's new song "Same Old Lie" probably 20 times. It's a really important song at the moment in this era of gun violence, this shit-show of an election and people actually showing up to vote.
  • Discover Weekly on Spotify has been doing me some favors lately; recently I discovered Rose Windows, Helvetia, and Wooden Shjips through that playlist.
  • Speaking of Spotify, I was browsing my "recommended" section the other day and came across a band called Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. I immediately clicked through to them because, hey who wouldn't click on a name like that?! Psych-rock from Perth is something I needed in my life.

The Meaning of Thank·full by Julia Walck

Thank·full [pronounced ˈTHaNGkfəl/] adjective

  • expressing gratitude for those around you while stuffing your face with turkey and pie. 

AKA how I feel about all of you. I hope you're with family eating a piece of pumpkin pie (or 5 pieces - no judgement) and are wearing the most comfortable sweat pants imaginable. 

Happy Thanksgiving!