D.EYE.Y by Julia Walck

This past week, I D.EYE.Y'd some plants / planters. πŸ‘€ 🌡

I saw a post that gave me a great idea to turn a tennis ball into a planter. I play tennis, so that made it easy to acquire a ball, not so easy to cut it though. You REALLY have to take a knife to that bad boy. 

Then I saw a pack of googly eyes, pom poms and sequins at JoAnns and knew I could find a good use for them! 

I almost used all 144 eyes on this.

I almost used all 144 eyes on this.

I have to be super careful not to tip this over.

Reminds me of a backwards thumbtack. 

Bits and Pieces by Julia Walck

Fun fact: Did you know I name and describe all of the tattoos and nail wraps for Tattify? So far, there's over 600 tattoos, and 400 nail wraps. Whoa. Good thing I'm clever, right? (and modest)

These ones are called β€œAn Eye for an Eye” πŸ‘€ and are part of a collaboration with nail artist Make My Day. The more you know 🌈