Split Decision by Julia Walck

I used to dye my hair crazy colors all the time. I've had it orange, yellow, purple, blue, red, pink... You name it, I've probably done it. 

Since I colored my hair so often, I gave it a good little break of 2 years in between all the craziness. I decided it'd been long enough, and had my good friend Jessika Turner dye my hair last weekend. I wanted something different and more pastel this time. Cotton candy came to mind and the idea was born. From that point, there was no going back. 

The process took 8 hours. Not long at all right? Well you've got bleaching, waiting, washing, drying, coloring, waiting, washing, drying, coloring again, styling, and finally finished. Even after all that, I still had a few green-ish streaks in my hair. Because you know, blue and yellow (bleach) make green. Jess was so awesome that she touched up those problem spots for me today and it's perfect! (all of these photos are before the touch-up, but they still look pretty good right?)