May '16 Playlist by Julia Walck

I hope that May is going to be a bit more relaxed of a month. I've been so busy with work and freelance projects lately I haven't really had a moment for myself.

May is a month of re-birth with all those flowers and whatnot right? I want to translate that re-birth into my art and get back into the swing of things. (Hopefully that sentiment sticks this time.)

Here's some highlights from the May-list (May Playlist... get it?).

  • You'll find TWO Operators songs on here because I'm slightly obsessed with them at the moment. I can't stop listening to their new album, Blue Wave. It's SO GOOD.
  • M83 released a new full length album, Junk. They played a couple off of it at Coachella and it was a super dreamy show. 
  • The Thermals have a new album and I'm getting some serious High School flashbacks. 
  • I just found out that Digitalism's new album drops on May 13 (brb marking it on my calendar). This is what I call my "in-the-zone" music, a.k.a what's blasting through my headphones while I'm designing. 
  • Despite all of the above, my favorite song on this May-list has to be "Looped" by Klasmos. It's a moody, dancy, weightless track that just leaves me happy.