Design Juice Vol. 2 | An Electro Mix For The Creative by Julia Walck

Design Juice Vol. 2 | Julia Walck

Volume 2 of Design Juice is here! An electro-focus-in-the-zone-get-shit-done-kind-of-mix for creatives. It's time to put those headphones on, focus up and make that deadline your bitch.

*Listening may cause out-of-spectrum colors to print* Enjoy!

Bonobo, Migration by Julia Walck

Here's some luck for your Friday the 13th: Bonobo's new album, Migration released today! 

I've been waiting for this a while now, guys, (I'm sure same with you), and the wait was definitely worth it. Have a listen for yourself below! 

If you're in the LA area today, Bonobo is doing a pop up shop at Subliminal Projects in Echo Park from 5-9pm. I think it's just merch but hey if he were to do a little preview of a show that'd be rad! 

I do get to watch this magic happen for real in May at Red Rocks Amphitheater! Excited is an understatement. 

Image via Goldstar

Image via Goldstar

Going to listen to Migration on repeat for the rest of the day now. Enjoy!