Not-So-Secret Shows by Julia Walck

A couple of weeks ago, Little Dragon had a pop-up comic book shop / secret show somewhere in Eaglerock. Nabuma Rubberband just released in May and it was a way to share their new album and creative prowess with some of their closest fans. Unfortunately, there were 60 fans closer than we were. They had a maximum occupancy in the building of 200 and we didn't quite make the cut. 

Well, what do you do after waiting in line 3 hours for a show you didn't get in to? You stand outside and listen to the music as a good fan should! (See me in the hat down there?)

We did get free comics designed by Brian Butler, though. The story was pretty much about a show that was too loud and out of control; which I thought was foreshadowing how the night would turn out. You know, with people jumping on cars, climbing on the roof and everything.