Society6 x Julia Walck Skateboard Collaboration by Julia Walck

Cool It Skateboard | Society6 x Julia Walck

I’m stoked to be one of the artists selected to take part in a limited edition holiday skateboard collab with Society6! ⚡️”COOL IT” is available now thru the end of the year.

Cool It Skateboard | Society6 x Julia Walck
Cool It Skateboard | Society6 x Julia Walck
Cool It Skateboard | Society6 x Julia Walck

You can hit the deck and peep the full collection on the Society6 blog here, or shop the board direct via here.

I can’t get a grip on how awesome these turned out!

Cool It Skateboard | Society6 x Julia Walck

Photos by Nicole Lamotte.

Good Gracious by Julia Walck


"And luck is always better than skill at things, we're flying blind. Oh good gracious, I sound like my mom." This is legit happening to me. Anyone else? ✋🏼(Lyrics to "Tonite" by LCD Soundsystem.)


Click here for prints of "Good Gracious"

(More) Embroidered Vintage Photographs by Julia Walck

Technicolor Dreams, 4"x6"

Technicolor Dreams, 4"x6"

The long weekend gave me time to catch up on some projects I've been working on (and to start new ones!)

I also had time to go antiquing! I scored this cute, 70's sewing box which is now the home to my needles and threads. 

I felt like this black and white photo needed some color, so I gave it a rainbow and let that family see in color. 

Here's what the back of the photo looks like, too. Little frayed rainbows! 

Sweet, 3"x3"

Sweet, 3"x3"

I started "Sweet" a while ago and finally wrapped it up this weekend. It was my first typographic embroidered photo and was slightly more challenging to finish. 

I hope your 3 day weekend was as sweet as this couple! 


Click here for prints of "Sweet"
Click here for prints of "Technicolor Dreams"

You can check out my first round of embroidered photos here.

The Museum of Ice Cream by Julia Walck

On Monday night I jumped into a pool filled with sprinkles, received a call from Seth Rogen on an "ice cream hotline" and ate a lot of delicious ice cream. 

Where was I, you ask? A pop-up exhibition in the Los Angeles Arts District called The Museum of Ice Cream.

The plastic sprinkles from the pool somehow lingered on you long after leaving. I found one when I was washing my hair the next morning. 

And if you're wondering how to find the entrance to the Museum of Ice Cream, the trail of sprinkles lining the ground will most certainly give it away. 

Unfortunately, you don't really learn anything about ice cream here... but you do get to eat some. 

Pictured above is charcoal infused cookie dough. Mmm. 

This place is an Instagram-machine. There's not a single area dubbed unworthy of a photo, and I think that's kind of the point. 

The pun game was real strong in the California room. I think Vanessa Fudgens takes the cake, or um, ice cream in this case?

Spongy pink pancakes sandwiching a vanilla scoop of ice cream? OK. 

Loved all the colors in this room! 

It's not too often you say this after visiting a museum, but I think I need to hit the gym now.