All Wrapped Up in Christmas '16 by Julia Walck

Last weekend we threw our 2nd annual Christmas party with the theme of "All Wrapped Up in Christmas". We didn't tell anyone that the theme meant we were wrapping the walls of our entire living and dining room area in wrapping paper.

To top it off, we replaced all framed photos in the apartment with vintage Christmas cards that we found... and more wrapping paper.

In total, wrapping the walls took 17 rolls of wrapping paper, 9 rolls of double sided tape and 10 and 1/2 hours of work! It was 100% worth it!


We set up a table area with 5 pre-made cocktails and the recipes to go along with them. All were de-lic-ious.

Give 'em a whirl yourself! Here's the recipe links for you to try: (L to R below) Pomegranate Orange Punch, *Black Cherry Bittered Sling, Christmas Cookie Cocktail, and Holiday Sangria. Not pictured: Spiked Hot Cocoa

*From the book, Craft Cocktails


I made a massive tinsel photo backdrop in our studio space. It entailed 90ft of tinsel and some packing tape. It was easily the quickest photo backdrop I've ever made.

I found a terrifying Santa piñata head in the piñata district a few weeks back and I knew I had to get him as a prop for this. We also had some antlers, santa hats, candy canes and Rudolph noses.

The night ended with a really intense game of White Elephant. I "won" (note those quotation marks) a WWE action figure that had a pack of croutons taped to the side. Yeah I don't understand it either. And no I did not eat the croutons.

Some people stuck around and we played some drinking games and then had a huge brunch the next day.

The Monday following the party was my first holiday vacation day off from work. I looked around and realized we had so much wrapping paper left, and had a genius idea. While Jack was gone at work, I spent my first day off by wrapping all of our furniture in wrapping paper.

Under all those polka dots on the TV stand are 110 individually wrapped DVDs. I'm like REALLY good at wrapping presents now, guys.

I have no idea what we're going to do next year to top this... but I think we should start planning now.

I Want Candy (Canes) by Julia Walck

It's Christmas! You know what that means? Gettin' all dolled up to be with family, and stuffing your face with CANDY!

Did you know that candy canes were invented as a means to quiet kids while in church? Any candy intended for shutting kids up is OK in my book. Now to give some to the kids next door…

I hope your Christmas is amazing and that you're enjoying some relaxing time off! 

Merry Folking Christmas | Playlist by Julia Walck

If you’re like me, Christmas music isn’t really your thing. But indie / folk music is… and if Christmas music was more like that, you might actually listen to it for once. 

Good news is I made you a playlist for Christmas with exactly what you wished for. Merry Folking Christmas! 

I scoured Spotify to find some of the best indie Christmas music and compiled them into four and a half hours of indie, festive goodness. 

Have a listen! And have a happy holiday season! :)