Recently, in Decisions by Julia Walck

Our roomie is moving out. Which left the decision on getting a new roommate or moving to a new space. We chose neither. We decided that the extra room will be a studio space for art, crafts, design and photography. It's time I focus on myself for a bit; who knows, I'll maybe even re-open my Etsy shop. Either way, prepare for more art come September šŸŽØ

It might be a bit rough on my bank account but I think it'll be good for my soul. 

Work Hard + Be Nice to People by Julia Walck

Something I firmly believe in. I'm happy to say my hard work has paid off and I landed a graphic design position at Ticketmaster! Leaving Tattify after 3 years is sort of bittersweet, but I'm excited to be moving on into a new chapter of my life. Change is definitely good.