November '15 Playlist / by Julia Walck

What's up, November?! 

I already am expecting big things from you... I'm seeing Sylvan Esso, Of Montreal and Foals this month. Two out of the three being part of Red Bull Sound Select's 30 Days in LA. Where there's a new show at a different venue every night for the month of November. Rad, huh?

I discovered some great new music in October. One instance in particular: The song, "I Suppose I Should Say 'Thanks' Or Some Shit", by Gold Panda came on my Spotify radio when I was running my 10k last weekend and it made me feel weightless and relaxed me beyond belief. It was such a good feeling to have no thoughts going through my mind, listening to this jam and running with hundreds of people around me... but picture it like in a movie where the main character is in motion and everyone else around is in slo-mo. (By the way, I got an hour and fifteen minutes on my 10k, which I'm pretty proud of.)

Hot Chip did a great remix of a recent New Order song, Tutti Frutti, and Yacht dropped a new album. I was in need of some new music to dance to. I can always count on those guys (and gals) to pump out some great tunes. 

Have a listen below to this mellow, dreamy, dancy playlist.